Thursday, March 31, 2011

A Present for Both

In February, I was trying to think what I could get Brian for his birthday. I knew he wanted an iPad but I didn't know what else I wanted to get him. Then it hit me! He loves movies and everybody I talked to loves NetFlix so that is what is what I get for him. This way he can watch his movies and shows on with the NetFlix app on his iPad when he travels.

I did not know at that time, I would be on bed rest so basically, it turns out to be the best present for both of us! I just always feel I have to clarify: I had thought about getting this for him before the bed rest order...haha. He just got it set up last night so I'm looking forward to watching movies that I hadn't seen but wanted to. I know I can also watch seasons of TV shows...I just don't know where to begin! Any good suggestions?

And to quote what Brian said two minutes ago: "This is the best present ever."

Birthday Present = Success.

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