Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Babies Everywhere

It's baby season. I remember thinking a couple of years ago - "Wow, everybody is getting married, maybe one day I will too." And here we are - we've moved from the season of everyone getting married to everybody having babies!

Today, our friends, The Loflands, are welcoming their baby boy, Liam Briggs into the world. I cannot wait to meet him.

Today, our friends, The Bedfords find out their due date for baby #3!

Yesterday, my brother and sister-in-law let us know that they will find out on April 21 what they are having! Will it be another niece or nephew for us?

Our friends, The Calhouns and The Sijanskys are also expecting this year. Our Sunday School class was busy :)

One of my good college friends, who I've recently re-connected with through blogging, The Gravens are due in September!

Not to mention, there are three ladies pregnant at the WoFfice - including my friend, Molly!

Not only that, my friend Kati Ivey's baby, Karlyn is growing so fast! She just had her three months ago and she is soooooo precious.

God's miracles are all around us and I'm excited to celebrate this time with all of our friends and family! Now, I'm just waiting to hear from some other good friends that they are expecting...*hint hint* :) Our church nursery will be busy for sure!


Kati said...

Ryan and I were just talking about that this morning...how we are helping bring the population up :-)

The McIntires said...

I remember this season of our life, when all our friends (us included) were attending baby showers and welcoming new babies! Now they are all starting school. It goes by so quickly!