Tuesday, February 22, 2011

All Looks Good

First, I want to thank everybody for their sweet comments and encouragement over this last week. We truly thank you all for your prayers and support.

Today, we went to get a Level II Sonogram at Dallas Presby. First the sonogram tech came and looked and everything and then the very nice Dr came and followed up by looking at everything. Thankfully, Mallory looked GREAT! The Dr said as he looked at the heart that he didn't see anything that would be alarming but he understood if our Dr saw something little, she would just want it looked at to follow-up. He said all of her measurements looks good and all in all, she was a healthy, growing baby girl! Yes, thankfully, she is still a girl - we confirmed that again :)

Brian and I both prayed before we went in that whatever we found out, we are so thankful for this life he has given us and we will move forward with whatever was in front of us. We Praise Him for the good news we heard today and will continue to pray that Mallory grows well! Thank you all again!

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Lyndsey said...

So glad to hear everything looks good!