Monday, January 24, 2011

My Top 5 Apps

It is amazing what technology can do these days. I'm thankful I do have my iPhone, especially when I travel, and I wanted to share some of the apps I like. I do have Twitter, Facebook and other fun apps on my phone but these are some others that I like. Please feel free to share with me some apps that you use a lot and enjoy :)

Shazam - Free

When you are listening to the radio or to a song somewhere and you want to know what the song is or who sings it, you just hit the Shazam app, it will record the song about 30 seconds and then tell you what the song is and who sings it. No more waiting around to the end of the song hoping they say what it is.

You can get the app for free and you will get 5 free songs per month or you can buy the app and get unlimited songs.

DirecTV - Free

It is so nice to be somewhere and to think that I forgot to record something on our DVR. All I do is pull up the app and pick what show to record and it will be waiting on me when I get home!

Instagram - Free

Turns regular pics into fun ones with borders. And you can share all your pics on Twitter, Facebook or just on Instagram

Diptic - $1.99

Instead of just posting one picture - this app allows you to 2 or more pictures together

Skee Ball - $.99

My favorite game I've downloaded (no, it's not Angry Birds). When you need to enteratin yourself, just start playing skee ball and you'll be entertained for a while.

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