Thursday, January 27, 2011

It's A ...


I honestly had NO clue what we were having. I didn't feel one way or the other - I was just so happy to hear what we were having so we can start to plan and SHOP! I just had the biggest smile on my face when she told us it was a girl and Brian was so happy too!

There's our beautiful little girl! She was all curled up in a ball when we wanted to look at her. Everytime the sonogram tech would try to get her to uncurl, she would just wiggle and go right back into her position. You can see her little feet close to her head. I'm so glad she was cooperative today. Last night I felt her move A Lot so I was concerned she wouldn't do the same in the morning but she moved enough!

Our daughter's name is Mallory Anne Estes.

I love the name Mallory and my mother's middle name is Ann. I added the 'e' at the end because I like it. I love that I can now call her by her name and not just it anymore!

I went shopping at lunch and saw two cute pink Longhorn onesies. I knew Brian would love dressing his daughter up in the right team's clothes.

Tonight, we hit the road to tell our families. Our first stop was my parent's house to tell them they were going to have granddaughter #3!

Mom and Dad with the dress we used to tell them what we were having

Next stop was Rob & Stephanie's. They were all so excited - I love this family!

Finally, we stopped by Brian's aunt & uncle's house. Here is Pam with the cute little dress.

We are excited to meet our daughter!

We've only known for 12 hours what we are having and we already have 4 pink outfits for Mallory. Brian's aunt got her the little ballerina outfit - so cute!!

We were so happy to see our daughter today! The sonogram tech said from what she saw, everything looked good. She was going to give the readings to our Dr and she would let us know more in our appointment next week. Hopefully when she looks at it, everything will look good to her. We are truly thankful for God's blessing and continue to pray for Mallory as she grows. Tomorrow: Let the Shopping Begin!


Josh and Shan said...

I wanna go shopping too!!!

The McIntires said...

I love the name Mallory! Congratulations!

Lyndsey said...

Yay! Liam is going to be surrounded by so many girls, he is not going to know what to do with himself! I love the little tiered dress!

Kati said...

She is so cute in her pics already! Brian looks like one proud daddy and you both look very happy! Congrats and can't WAIT to meet miss M :>