Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Let It Be Christmas

Saturday night we headed to my parent's house to celebrate Christmas with my Mom's family. I always look forward to our gatherings because everybody is so funny and we laugh a lot! It was great that everybody could come, even our newest member of the family, my cousin's daughter who is just 4 weeks old.

Ryan read us the Christmas story

I am also thankful that grandmother has been feeling well enough to travel and be with us for all the holidays. She had hip replacement surgery a couple of months ago so she has been recovering. I love this picture because she was talking to us all and her great grandkids are just sitting in the floor listening to her. It was a great moment!

And then the present opening began

The kids drew names and exchanged gifts while the adults bring a gift card and we do the game where you pick you gift and it can be stolen. Brian and I were excited we got the Outback giftcard because we Love to eat there. I'm looking forward to another date night soon!

Mamaw with 5 of her 6 great grandchildren

Mamaw with all of her grandchildren

Mamaw with her three girls

I love this photo of Kate reading to the girls

And we ended the night by playing Pokeno. It is like Bingo but with playing cards. My mom and aunts bring fun little gifts to win. I know I look forward to playing it and I'm glad we started that tradition.

Saturday night, I did take a long look around the room and said thank you to God for allowing me to be apart of the family he chose for me. I want to make sure I cherish all the times we are together. Christmas is here!

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