Friday, October 1, 2010

Perfect People

At each Women of Faith event, I try to get in the bowl and catch some part of the event when I can. Sometimes it's just going in and worshipping with the thousands of people in the arena and in Denver, I got to catch Natalie Grant's set. Usually each weekend there is something that, even though I may have heard it many times before, I really get and listen to that weekend. This weekend, it was Natalie singing her song "Perfect People."

I listened to every word and really took it all in. It begins with the words:

"Never let them see you when your breaking, Never let them see you when you fall"

I realized that is how we live day to day - try not to show what is really going on. And in the chrous she says:

"There's no such thing as Perfect People,
there's no such thing as a Perfect Life
So come as you are, Broken and Scarred
Lift up your heart and be Amazed, be Changed by a Perfect God"

Thank goodness we have a Perfect God to turn to everyday and we don't have put on a mask and hide what is underneath. Nobody is perfect but God still loves us. May you and I remember that as we face each day!

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