Saturday, October 2, 2010

Blast from the Past

Last night I headed over to my parent's house because they were keeping my nieces for the weekend. I always look forward to going over there and seeing those beautiful girls. We had such a good time and then my Mom brought out this and it put the night over the top:

I seriously had not seen this box in many, many years and it just made me smile because it brought back so many memories. This Barbie box held all of my Barbie clothes and it was very precious to me. My nieces opened up this box and the box holding the barbies and they went to town playing with them and dressing them up.

All of the clothes. Please note* All of the clothes are from the late 80's, early 90's so they aren't so in style anymore but we didn't care - we still dressed them all up :)

Kiersi and Kayden having fun

Nana and Kayden

Kayden with her Barbie - this poor Barbie's hair needed help

Kiersi and her Barbie

And yes, me and my Barbie - I had to join in the fun

My Mom's Barbie, Skipper and Ken

I Smile Big when I see the picture above because they were my Mom's barbies that she played with and I used the Barbie and Ken as the parent's of my Barbie because I thought they looked older...haha. The dolls are very special though because when my Mom was younger, their house caught fire on Christmas Eve and the dolls above did survived the fire. They are a little burnt in some places but they made it.

It was so fun to really go down memory lane. I loved playing with my Barbie dolls and it was fun to share that with my Mom and nieces. We just need to get updated Barbie clothing for the next time they come over :)


katebradley said...

I wish I could have been there to play Barbie's with ya'll! My mom has saved a few of my favorite Barbies so that one day hopefully some other little girls will get to play with them. So cute!!!!

Josh and Shan said...

Poor Barbie, her poor hair needs a deep condition!

Mom still has all of our Barbies as well!!

Cross Family said...

so cute! i love that yall played barbies...i used to love doing that.