Monday, September 13, 2010


I worked hard last weekend and I also played hard...I usually just crash before and after the event but like I said in my earlier post - I took advantage of the seeing the California sights. I went to Disneyland Wed night with my co-workers DeeDee, Angie and Jeremey. We had a great time!

Walt Disney and Mickey

Cinderella's Castle

Splash Mountain

The Best Ride - Space Mountain

DeeDee and Jeremey waiting in line to get on a ride

Angie, Angie's gum and Me

We did not ride the teacups but we did take a photo in one

We did ride Space Mountain and I took a picture of this picture. I was smiling big the whole time because I love this ride! I also love Angie's face - priceless!

Minnie & Mickey at the light parade

Disneyland at night

Unfortunately, all of the characters were gone walking around the park when we got there. We did see them at the parade but none to where we could get a picture with just them. After Disneyland closed, we went to eat at Downtown Disney. I'm so glad I took advantage of the offer to go with my friends. Great memories were made!

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