Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Beavers Bend, Part 2

So most of the weekend we played games, ate and hung out. Saturday, we did get up and head to the river to kayak. I had been looking forward to it since they told us we were going to do it. Unfortunately, I have no photos to prove that I did it but I have eye witnesses. I didn't take my camera because it was not water-proof and my kayak filled with water a couple of times :) I did pretty good but my kayak seemed to me attracted to the rocks and I would get stuck. Thankfully my kayaking team was there to help me out. We kayaked for 4 miles and my arms have been sore the past couple of days. Now, I can say that I've done that!

We played many games such as Spoons, Pool, etc... Let's just say we have many competitive people in our class and their competitive spirits came through. The below photo shows it all:

This is Shannon, Brian, Katie and I playing spoons - I was trying to get a spoon and knocked Shannon off of the bench. Thankfully she was not hurt, haha - sorry Shannon!

Here we are playing a more peaceful game of Apples to Apples

Most of the boys just stuck with playing pool

We had the most wonderful food all weekend, thanks to Mrs. Mary Meek. She, Sarah and Jennifer helped make our meals and we did not go hungry. Friday night it was shrimp, chicken and potatoes. Saturday morning was breakfast tacos and Saturday night was burgers and hot dogs. Sunday morning, she made amazing pancakes! Thanks Mother Mary for keeping us fed!

Mary Meek aka Betty Crocker

Friday Dinner

And as fun weekends go, there are always the out of the ordinary things that happen such as below:

We went out to find Doug who drove up after work and Josh and Matt decided to play with the light sabers on their phones

And for some reason Bradley and Josh decided to leg wrestle

Strange that these two strange incidents both involve Josh Gillespie...hmmm

Me with my friends, The Meeks

All of us at Sunday breakfast

And here is Nicole and Bradley doing the awkward prom photo

Beware of Bears - Shannon and Nicole are afraid!

I'm not sure why this happened

Our last day - sad that it was over

I've said it once and I'll say it again, we are so grateful God brought us to this Sunday School class. Our teacher, Phil, taught us a great lesson Saturday night and Brian was able to give his testimony. I'm so proud of my husband and it was so neat to see how far he's come in his life and his walk with God. He did a great job!

It's so nice to have friends to know you can call on for anything and we can all pray for each other! I'm ready for next year's trip today!

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Josh and Shan said...

Oh dear heavens, I didn't know about the light saber action!

The leg wrestle was to decide who won the Not So Newly Married game!!