Monday, August 9, 2010

Beavers Bend, Part 1

Friday morning, we pulled out with 7 other couples from our Sunday School class, including our teacher Phil and his wife, Sarah and we headed to Beavers Bend, OK. I've been looking forward to hanging out with our friends and was happy to hit the road.

All of us in the van - too bad you can't see Jennifer behind me.

Brian was our trusty driver for some of the way, Bradley took over halfway there

I was excited because we stopped close to my hometown, Mt. Pleasant, and ate lunch at Bodacious BBQ.

And the cameras came out and we took many pictures

When we got to Beavers Bend we drove around for a while and it was really pretty. I had never been so I was looking forward to seeing the pretty scenery

We stopped and got out to look around and sometimes you just have to pose - right Nicole?

Then, we pulled up to our lodge - it was very nice!

Our room we shared with the Spivy's - there was a trundle bed under the twin bed so they didn't have to share the twin bed (for those who were concerned)

The back porch

Brian looking out and thinking - I don't know what about

We were excited to make it to our lodge on Friday. We had a lot of things planned this weekend and we were happy to to start it. We all found our rooms (or couches for some) and got settled in. The boys started playing pool and Mary and Jennifer worked hard to get dinner started. The next day included kayaking (yes I survived), games and just relaxing with friends. More to come...

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Digital Mom said...

TOO FUN! Wow the lodge looks nice - thats how I like to camp :)