Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Blog Love

Hello Tuesday! Today I just wanted to shout out some blog love to my good friends God has brought into my life from our Sunday School class. Through softball and girl's nights, I'm so glad to have gotten to know them all a little better and I look forward to hanging out with them all. Although not all the girls in the class have a blog - these are the ones that do. Click on the picture and it will take you to their blog - Enjoy reading about their lives like I do!

Shannon Gillespie - The Gillespies

I love reading all about the adventures of the Gillespies, Killoughs and all the Grable family! Love this picture above from their last vacation.

Andrea - Crosswhite Photography

Love all of Andrea's photos - she is so amazing. Be sure to check out all of her photography - one of these days I will be her assistant on a wedding shoot and see how she does it all!

Our newest blogger - Nicole Bedford -Bedford 4

Nicole - aka Sparkles - makes me laugh. She is my friend and I love hanging out with her. She has two precious kids Gregory and Addison.

Kati Ivey - Living Well 2 Day

Kati's having a baby!!! Due in December, my good friend Kati is blogging about eating well as well as the joy of pregnancy. I can't wait to meet Baby Ivey!

Joy Calhoun - Three Calhouns

Joy does bring joy to me! I love seeing her and Ella together - they both love each other so much and you can see it in their eyes. She is also a photographer and takes wonderful photos of babies and families.

Jamie Sijansky - The Sijansky Family

Jamie and Adam have a little boy named Jackson who is so cute. They are both teachers and just bought a house in Forney! I can't wait to see it next time at girl's night...hint*hint*

I truly enjoy reading EVERYONE'S blogs on my blog roll. They make me smile every day! I consider blogs an online scrapbook of your life. Thanks for sharing your life with us!


Josh and Shan said...

What a neat idea to do this!! I love that so many are starting to blog.

Three Calhouns said...

That was such a cute idea! We obviously need to get everyone else on the bandwagon!

Kati said...

Hey! Thanks for the blog love!! I could spend waaaay too many hours reading blogs :>

Bedford4 said...

Thank you for the blog love Amanda. I always love seeing your new posts! Can't wait for you to get home from Shreveport.

Crosswhite Photography said...

Awww, thanks Amanda for the shout out! Really appreciate it and YES! You will be assisting me soon. I need to find out what weeks you won't be traveling.