Monday, February 28, 2011

Your Facebook Status

I never re-post things but since Brian and I watched "The Social Network" last night, it made me want to repost my funny blog about Facebook statuses. I see more and more people typing the statuses below and it just makes me laugh. Hopefully this will start Monday out well! Enjoy again!


Facebook Updates:

Some are happy, some are sad, some are over the top, and on and on. I borrowed this from my friend's blog and just had to re-post it. All Facebook updates fall into certain categories. Which one are you? Are there any categories that aren't listed?


Vague Riddler (who will keep you guessing)

Example: "Confused."

The Jilted Lover (who passively aggressively sticks it to 'em for the world to see)

Example: "Men are like newborn babies. Cute at first, but then you just get tired of cleaning up their crap."

The Non-Morning Person (who wants you to know it)

Example: "Why is it so early??? Whoever invented eight a.m. should be killed. DON'T talk to me until I've had my coffee."

The Mathematician (who speaks in formulas)

Example: "Iced Tea + Good Book + Poolside = Perfect Saturday Afternoon"

The Emoticonner (who is ROFL)

Example: "OMG!!! :-) I'm prolly gonna get Justin Bieber tix!!!!!!!!! <<<<<<<<<<3333333>

The 30 Year Old Frat Bro (who didn't get the memo that getting 'bombed' is so 10 years ago, dude)

Example: "Epic hangover. Note to self: Jager shots and 2 packs of Parliament Lights will get you in hardocre tiz-rouble."

The New Mom (who uses this like it's a blog)

Example: "Today was a good day. Sebastian had his 3 month check up and the doctor said he's in teh 56 percentile. He was such a good boy the whole time. Never cried once. He slept really well last night, I just hope he takes a nap this afternoon so mommy can get all the chores doen she's been putting off. And maybe I'll even get to take a shower! Mmmm, a shower. Can't forget to pick up Gwyneth at day care though sicne daddy is working late. Maybe I'll take her to get some ice cream on the way home. I just hope it doesn't spoil her appetit for dinner. We're having meatloaf. With asparagus. Yum"

The PM Shifter (who is counting down the minutes to Happy Hour)

Example: "Is it 5 o'clock yet? This is the loooooooooooongest day ever!"

The Hypochondriac (whose favorite medicine is a little attention)

Example: "Ugh. WHY won't this headache go away? It's been three days now and I can't think straight. I think it's getting worse. I've already gone through, like 2 bottles of Advil. I'm so miserable."

The Reglimaniac (who is scared what the church-folk will think if they speak like a real human)

Example: "Hallelujah thank you dear sweet Jesus for waking me up on time with your magnificent creation of sunrises and chirping birds. Your eye truly is on the sparrow. I am fearfully and wonderfully made to wake up without needing an alarm clock. GOD is my alarm clock! Praise God! Amen!"

The Boundaries Invader (who doesn't have a clue)

Example: "PMS-ing big time. My cycles NEVER last this long."

The Twitter Linker (wants everybody to know everything)

Example: "RT @hollygolightly check this out - http://www.jhsud.&8002/ // I totally agree! #fb #lovinglife #greatfriends (via @crazygirl)"


These all make me laugh because they are so true! How many people do we know that are these people and I know we've fit into one of these categories at least one time. I do love Social Media!


Josh and Shan said...


The Reglimaniac is the funniest!

Kati said...

Stinkin hilarious. I know I post about K a lot but if they ever get "blog like," shoot me!