Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Our First Married Christmas

So here is my last blog post about Christmas 2009. Brian and I were very busy visiting family over the Christmas holidays (thankfully our families live close) but we were able to have a little Christmastime to ourselves.

When it was Brian and I's time to exchange gifts, I was so excited I could hardly stand it. I knew he had no idea what I had gotten him and he was very surprised. He had sent me a link to a specific backpack he had wanted a while ago and I had kept it and went and got it for him for Christmas. He loved it because now he had something that carried his 17" laptop in. Merry Christmas Husband!

Brian and his new backpack

Brian kept telling me he couldn't wait for me to open my gifts either so I walked in the living room and he had may presents wrapped (and beautifully wrapped I might add) and waiting for me to open. Let me preface this, I am ALWAYS Cold. I do not know why but even in the summer when I am inside for a while, I get cold soooo Brian bought me a Heated Throw. I LOVE IT! I have used it everyday and it is the perfect gift for me! He knows me so well! Thank you Brian!

Me and my Heathed Throw :)

And this brings a close to our first Christmas as a married couple. God's blessings are truly abundant. Merry Christmas from the Estes's!

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