Monday, October 5, 2009

That's The Night That The Lights Went Out in Richardson

Friday night, I was so happy to be home and able to see my Dad's Football Team play. We went to Richardson to see Royse City play and even though the football team isn't having the best year (and believe me, the Bradley family has been through many of these years with my dad but it just makes you appreciate the good years even more!), I was still excited to see my Dad doing what he loves - coaching.

It was a tough game against Richardson and even though we lost, they did play hard. It was JJ Pearce's homecoming also and the real excitement of the night was when someone played a prank and turned off the stadium lights. Yep, it went dark for about 20 times...and so what do you do with no lights to play a football game by? We took pictures! My brother, Ryan, sister-in-law Kate, and Kate's parents were at the game. So we entertained ourselves until the lights finally came back on.

Even though we lost the game, we had a fun time with our family cheering Dad on!

Dad walking the sidelines getting ready for the game to start

Talking to the Defense

You can do it Guys!

Bulldog Fans

It was a little chilly Friday night and Kate tried to stay warm

And then the lights went out and this is what the stadium looked like

So the picture taking began - me and my Mom

Kate and I

The lights starting to come back on

The refs even had to stretch again before the game resumed

And of course - what's a football game without Nachos? This is for you Shannon :-)