Tuesday, August 4, 2009

We Have Made the Wall!

I love my Mother so much! She makes me laugh and we usually laugh with her (not at her) when she says she is going to buy something and do it. She'll talk about how she is going to buy some stuff to decorate and then 2 months later still be talking about it so until we see a finished product, we never believe it will be done.

So...I am happy to say that she has put my brother's wedding portrait and Brian and I's wedding portrait up on the wedding wall! Now, there really hasn't been any reason to put any other pictures up there for 5 years b/c Greg and Melody were the only ones married. So when Ryan married Kate and Brian and I got married, we figured it might be a year or two before we made the wall but alas, Mom has proven us wrong! She went and bought picture frames and we are all on the wall together now!

Mom - we love you! Thank you :-)

Greg & Melody Bradley - December 20, 2003

Brian & Amanda Estes - April 4, 2009

Ryan & Kate Bradley - July 19, 2008

Note: the photos are in order of age, not wedding dates. I loved the columns from Greg & Melody's wedding so I wanted to have them in mine. And, the next step is to get my Mom and Dad's wedding photo above us from December 20, 1975.

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