Friday, August 7, 2009

How Bout Them Cowboys!

Thursday, Brian, my Dad and I headed over to Arlington to tour the new Cowboys Stadium. I was really looking forward to it b/c I love football and I'm so glad my Dad got to come along and see the stadium with us! We were able to tour the Stadium b/c Brian's good friend, Jay, works for MJ Air and MJ Air did a lot of work at Cowboys Stadium. The Stadium let the company have an open house and their clients and friends were able to come and tour!

We were able to go to the event level and see where the Cowboys will come out. There are places you can buy and stand and watch the game from the event level. It is very cool. We got to tour one of the suites and then went up and saw some of the upper level of the stadium. By the time we got to the stadium, we were unable to go into the locker room but my brother-in-law Rob, nephew Caleb and friends Billy and Cash were able to see it and they said it was Awesome! I can't wait to see their pictures. Anyways - hope you enjoy the pictures below and I can't wait for the football season to start!

The Event Level Club

The huge screen - I was blown away at how big it really was

Dad and Brian standing where you can watch the game

They are still working on the field - they have to sew the numbers in

Our tour guide in the suite - probably the only time I'll be in a suite there

In front of the side Glass Windows that can open up

The seats with white pieces of paper on them are the ones that have not sold...only $1600 for the licensing fee for the seat and then you have to pay for the seat for the games!

In the middle you see a booth and that is where the TV people will broadcast from

Outside the Cowboys Locker Room

Jay & Brian

Thank you Jay for this opportunity!


Josh and Shan said...

WOW!! That would be so neat to see!

The Killough's said...

Wow! I am super jealous!!!