Monday, August 10, 2009


I keep thinking about a quote our Sunday School Teacher, Phil Rawley said yesterday...

"The reason God didn't take us home as soon as we were saved is because there is a lot of work left to do"

It just keeps coming to me and I know that there is still so much for me to do. What will I have to present before Christ? I know my busy travel season is coming up this Fall but I am praying God will show me where I can be used starting now whether it is while I'm traveling or while I'm home.

Yesterday, both the Sunday School lesson and church sermon went hand in hand. In SS, we talked about faith and works and what we need to do as Christians to serve. Martin Jones said in his sermon that we do need to serve but watch out that we don't get too exhausted and if so, to rest. We need to find balance - sometimes that's hard for me to do b/c I feel like I can't say No but I pray God will show me specifically where I am needed and serve Him there.

What will You have to present before Christ?

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