Monday, July 20, 2009

Good-Bye & Good Luck!

Our good friend, Matt - who was also one of our Ushers in the Wedding, is moving on to bigger and better things, so we threw him a Going Away Party Saturday night at our house. Matt has a new job and will be moving to McKinney! We are so excited for him and his new opportunities but will miss seeing him! He promises he will be back to visit so hopefully that is true!

Matt and his girlfriend, Shannon

We ordered pizza and had a great time hanging out with some of favorite people from church. We ate and then decided to play Taboo - girls vs. boys! There was lots of buzzing (with the Taboo buzzer) and yelling - trying to guess the word. It was a fun game and in the end - who won? the GIRLS of course!

We had a great evening and can't wait to see what all God has in store for Matt and his new adventure! We will Miss you Matt!

Everybody concentrating on the game; Kati giving the clues to the girls

The proof that the Girls Won!

Joe & Lorethia around all of the desserts we had!

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Kati said...

That was a lot of fun...we need to have a game night at our house now!