Monday, July 27, 2009

3 Boys, Pizza & Playstation

Friday night Brian and I had Caleb and Cade over! We excited to have them over since this was the first time we've had them since we've been married! Brian was also happy to make his famous French Bread pizza's that he and the boys loved (so do I)!

I picked them up after work and we headed to the house. The first stop was Playstation. Cade wanted to play "Need for Speed" - that's not the name of the game and I don't know what it is but he wanted to play it so Brian got it all set up for them. All I know is that they were racing cars and trying to wreck each other. They got so excited when they wrecked one another!

All eyes on the TV playing playstation

Then it was time for dinner - Brian started on dinner and it was so good! They both loved their pizzas. Thanks B for the great dinner!

Brian making our pizzas (We didn't eat all the pizzas - we had them for leftovers); Cade & Caleb devouring their pizzas

After dinner, it was more Playstation time. I played Home Run Derby with them but got 3rd - then I let the 3 boys have the playstation back to themselves. Once we were baseballed out - we got ready for bed and watched Wipeout! Brian had gotten me hooked on that show and we had a couple of shows on our DVR so we started watching them and were all laughing so hard. If you've never seen it - I would recommend it just for the laughs. You can't help it! When that was over, we headed to bed. The boys wanted to snuggle with B so I started out in the bed and then moved to the couch to give us all room. It was all good - we all slept well!

shots from the TV show Wipeout - it's so great!

All ready to snuggle B

Saturday morning, it was pancakes and more Playstation! We had a great time Caleb and Cade and can't wait to have you over again!

Cade & Caleb wearing their jerseys Rob got them when he was in Egypt!


The Killough's said...

Always a fun time with those boys!!

Angela Breidenbach said...

I love the way you showed adults and children playing. Too many folks get so busy and forget that part of life.

Also, congrats on your wedding:-) We happen to share the same anniversary (although mine is a few years older, lol.)


stephanie said...

Thanks so much for allowing us to have a date night.