Monday, June 29, 2009

Meet Me in St. Louis!

This past weekend I was in St. Louis for our event. I was looking forward to going b/c I hadn't been there in years - the last time I went was in my family in the mid 90s on vacation. Thursday afternoon, My co-worker, Molly, and I headed to the St. Louis Arch. Molly had never been and since it had been a long time since I went up it - I wanted to go again. We had a great time and made it up to the top without hyperventilating - the "eggs" as they call them are really small and you are in them for a couple of minutes up to the top.

The event went really well - I got to meet Jennifer Rothschild - the lady who's bible study I am doing. I got to tell her that me and my girlfriends were all doing the bible study and she was exctied to hear it. Jennifer used to be on the WoF tour and she was just visiting b/c she lives in Springfield, MO.

So, St. Louis was a success! I was able to fly home Saturday night, which I don't often get to do and be home all day Sunday - I was so happy!

The small windows at the top where we look out; me by the base of the arch

Molly and I on our way to the top!

The windows at the top needed windex - Downtown St. Louis & Busch Stadium

The shadow of the arch in the Mississippi River

Chaifetz Arena - where the event was held; an interesting statue on the campus of St. Louis University

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