Tuesday, April 28, 2009

From Mane to Tame

I hadn't cut my hair in a while b/c I let it grow out for the wedding so it was time for a cut! I told Samantha it was time and we decided she would cut my hair yesterday. Stephanie said she needed a trim to so she came along with me and this is what I saw when I picked her up

It's called the mane. We had to get to Greenville fast before it grew anymore! But have no fear, Samantha was able to tame it and make it look very nice!

Samantha taming it down

The finished product

It was a little more than a trim but it looks so great! Samantha to the rescue again! She also did a great job on my hair but I was the photog so their might be pics of it soon. She cut about 2 inches off. Thank you Samantha for the great hair jobs - you rock!

Our hair - anybody need a wig?

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The Killough's said...

Hahaha, you did a great job with the story!!! Thanks for coming all the way our here!!!