Thursday, March 5, 2009

Cake Testing

Brian and I went over to my brother and sister-in-law's last night for cake-testing! That is the reason you get married right? Melody makes the most beautiful cakes and I can't wait for her to make Brian and I's! After dinner, it was time to try out the cake and Melody had it each flavor laid out for us and labeled. We tried all of the different combinations and it didn't take long for each of us to decide which cake and icing we wanted for our cakes. Of course we had to try everything so we would know what tasted good ... haha

Cake testing = done! Another item crossed off the list. Hopefully I'll get everything crossed off the list before April 4 :-)

Nice Presentation!

Brian eating the cake and Kiersi eating hers!

What was left afterwards :-) Can you guess which we chose?

Of course I had to stick in another picture of my beautiful nieces! They were our entertainment for the night! Love them!

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Goob said...

I want to know the flavors and which one you chose!!! No I can't wait til the wedding!!!