Monday, February 2, 2009

Somewhere to Sleep

As the wedding day approaches, bedroom furniture is something Brian and I desperately needed before we could even think of living together! Brian has a full size bed and I have twin and we both new that just wasn't going to work for us so furniture shopping began. We looked at many different places but came back to The RoomStore where we had found a bedroom set we really liked. I love sleigh beds and and I knew I wanted dark wood and once we found both - we were good to go!

The sales person did a very good job also b/c we weren't going to buy just yet, but he convinced us to go ahead and get it so we did! I'm very excited b/c this bedroom set are the first pieces of furniture (King Size Bed, 2 nightstands & chest) I have ever bought! We will move it in with us at the end of March but Brian says I can't sleep in it until we get back from our honeymoon - we will see :-)

Next we need the mattress but at least we have a bed to put it on!

*sorry pics are kind of blurry but you get the picture :-)

Our bed and 1 of our 2 nightstands

Our chest


Kati said...

awesome!! you will LOVE the king size bed. yay for new furniture!

BigHead said...
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