Friday, January 30, 2009

Are You Ready for Some Commercials?

It's Super Bowl time! I love the Super Bowl - whether you like who is playing in the Super Bowl or not, it is an escape for a couple of hours anyway! Hopefully the commercials will be worth talking about! I'm personally rooting for the Cardinals! I really like Kurt Warner and his testimony! I also like that the Cardinals were underdogs this whole season!

I do love the commercials and hearing about the Super Bowl coming up on Sunday, it made me think of my favorite Super Bowl commercial - The McDonalds commerical with Michael Jordan and Larry Bird in "The Showdown" - Do you remember this? It was a long time ago but for some reason it has always been my favorite & most memorable...maybe a new favorite will come along but until then "The Showdown" will always be it.

Here's my favorite commercial - click on it to see it in full!
What is your favorite commercial?

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