Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas 2008 - Part 1

Tuesday night, Brian and I went to my mom and dad's and stayed the night at their house. Greg, Melody and my nieces stayed too - Ryan and Kate drove in Wed morning - Christmas Eve morning. We all opened up presents in our pajamas just like it was Christmas morning and it was so much fun. Melody read the Christmas story, Dad prayed and thanked God for all of our blessings and then the opening of presents began!

It's Christmastime!

Kiersi and Kayden with a couple of their many presents

Melody reading The Christmas Story

Kate and I got our last name initals!

Brian found the pickle and won the money! Beginner's luck :-)

The Bradley children and their families!


Goob said...

We need to hear what the pickle thing is all about!

so glad your part of our family now!

Kati said...

Ah, you beat me on posting Christmas, but I did spend all morning making a photo album on facebook! See you tomorrow :)