Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas 2008 - Part 2

Christmas Eve night, Brian and I headed over to Rob and Stephanie's to stay the night so we could spend Christmas morning with them and Caleb and Cade. I was excited about spending Christmas with them but new it would be different for me to be away from my parents. I know I'm 26 but when you've spent every Christmas morning with them in your life and then you change, it can be difficult but thankfully for me, it wasn't. I did miss my parents but since we had spent the night before and all day with them, I knew I would be ok! And Brian, Rob and Stephanie made it special for me - it was nice to know they were very happy to have me with them! Thank you so much!

My bed at the Estes house

Christmas morning came and the boys were up at 6:45 am and I made sure I was in prime position to see their faces when they walked into the living room. Cade's smile was so big when he saw his bike and Caleb was all grins to find his Under Armour shoes. It was so fun. It was a good morning of opening presents and seeing the smiles on the boys faces was so great!

Caleb with his Under Armour Shoes - Cade on his new bike

Brian got his George Foreman grill and his lovely duck he registered for!

I love Tetris and Rob and Stephanie got it for me - I am still so excited! I love that I got the old school game and Caleb & Cade got the Wii - I can't wait to play both a lot!

Rob and Stephanie opening their Christmas presents


Kati said...

yay for part 2! now amanda, that duck doesn't look so bad...i was picturing much bigger. :)

Goob said...

what fun!! I think you should get several more of the ducks to put alllll over your house!