Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thanksgiving Eve

Wednesday, Brian and I got up and went to our favorite breakfast date place - Chiloso! So good! We then went to look at places to register and we decided on Macy's and Target - we will be going back soon to get the scanner and go to town! On our way back home, we stopped by Pam and Kam's where the Thanksgiving cooking had begun! Stephanie and Kate worked on the Pumpkin Pie, Gran and Pam were working on all of the fixin's and Laurie and the kids decorated the cupcakes. It was so fun!

Kennedy and Caleb with their turkey cupcakes

Kate and Stephanie working on the pumpkin pie

Pam had some leftover pie crust so she told Cade they would make him a cinnamon roll - as you can see, he used a lot of cinnamon

Thanksgiving Eve night, Brian and I headed over to my parents. We were getting together b/c Greg, Melody and the girls were going to Melody's parents for Thanksgiving Day to spend time with her sister since her sister was going to be out of state for Christmas. When we got to the house, Mom and Dad had our tubs out to go through everything they had kept over the years. we laughed so hard as we found old school stuff - medals, awards, etc... Greg and Ryan also found an old nerf basketball and basketball goal and put it up and played all night long. Just like old times! I loved it!

Greg and Dad playing basketball

Uncle Ryan pulled Kiersi and Kayden on the boogie board all night long!

All of us playing Trivial Pursuit - and the girls won!!!

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