Thursday, November 6, 2008

Date Night before Travel Day

Last night Brian and I went on a date! It was a business date b/c Brian had to meet someone in Plano to look at a site. I went along and then afterwards, Brian and I went to The Macaroni Grill to eat. Brian had never been before but he really enjoyed it. We went for dessert afterwards - me = my usual Cake'n'Shake from Cold Stone Creamery and Brian = Neslte Tollhouse cookies - Yummy! It was a great date before I had to leave today.
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I love Macaroni Grill b/c you can color on the paper on the table. I decided to draw something for our waitress!

I am in Ft. Lauderdale, FL this weekend. This is my next to last conference before the season ends. I saw the coastline of Florida as we flew in but by the time we landed, the sun was going down so I will have to see Florida in the daylight tomorrow. Florida is special b/c the last time I was in this state - I got engaged! Brian stayed in Texas this time though :-(

I had to take a picture and share this b/c when I was unpacking tonight, I hung up my tops for this weekend and realized, I must really like pink. Yes, all three tops are pink! Good planning on my


The Killough's said...

Don't you just love date nights?? Brad and I are going on one tonight! Have fun in Florida!

BigHead said...

I did enjoy our time togather. I hope you have a good weekend.