Thursday, October 23, 2008

Cabo in Houston

I am still in the great state of Texas, just a short flight down to Houston. As we were descending, you could see a lot of blue tarps covering the roofs of many houses - remnants from Hurricane Ike still here. It was a strong reminder that we need to continue to pray for those affected by the Hurricane!

This evening, it was off to Cabo for Mexcian food with my co-workers/friends Clay, Nicole and Barth. Clay was in the mood for fajitas so we walked around and found Cabo and it was very good! It was a great time with my friends! We walked around our nice hotel - The Magnolia Hotel - and went to the top to get a good view of downtown Houston. It was a great evening! Now it's time to rest for the conference tomorrow and I will do that by watching The Office! Yea!

Clay and Nicole - Nicole holding the large bottle of hot sauce - it was good!

I like to have fun in the hotel!

Downtown Houston

Minute Maid Park - where the Astros play & Clay, Barth and Nicole on the top of the hotel

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