Monday, September 29, 2008

Football and Futbol

Friday and Saturday was filled with sports! Friday night we went to see Royse City play Rockwall. It was the first time in 46 years they have played. Royse City moved up to 4A this year so it was big game for them. It was hard sitting across the field from our friends and the Estes fam but it was a good game. Royse City pulled it out in the end and won 32 to 20 and my dad was really excited! I was happy to see him so happy!

Let the game begin!

Putting his headset on & giving signs to the defense

Talking to the defense

Royse City fans & Dad's de-brief of the game to Mom

Saturday morning it was off to see Cade play some soccer. He, Jensen and Jake all play on the same team so it is fun to see them play together. Even better - they won! I'm ready for the fall weather to get here b/c the sun was beating down on us again Saturday morning. It was hot! Caleb had the week off this week and I'm sad I won't be able to see Cade and Caleb's games next week b/c I'll be in California. I love watching them play!

Go Cade!

Jensen as goalkeeper, Cade & Jensen playing

Handing out the wristbands

Meredith and I enjoying the game

Blake came to cheer Cade on too!


stephanie said...

We will miss you this weekend!!! I'm so glad your Dad got a win.....but FIRE IT UP ROCKWALL!!!!!

The McIntires said...

I love your new header!! It looks so good!

Kati said...

love the save the date! I heard you got your dress!!