Thursday, August 21, 2008

Tampa, FL

Well, as you know by now my work trip to Tampa was very exciting but I did want to put some pics up of Tampa that I took. There aren't many b/c it rained a lot so I tried to get some pics when it wasn't raining. The conference was good and all my volunteers were very nice so I would call it successful! I get a couple of weeks off from traveling and then it is off to Philadelphia! :-)

Side note: Wedding planning has begun - let the fun begin!!!

View of Downtown Tampa from my hotel room - during the day & at night

St. Pete Time Forum (where we had the conference); Downtown Tampa

View from Brian's hotel room - this was the backdrop when he proposed!


BigHead said...

Well I am glad you had such a nice trip!

Josh and Shan said...

I heart wedding plans!!!

stephanie said...

Shan does heart wedding plans. We could probably get her to help, be in it, something!!!!!

The Killough's said...

I am so excited to have a part in your wedding!!