Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Does this look like the face of a Criminal?

I don't think so, but that's my personal opinion. :-) Yes, I got a speeding ticket today. As much as I would love to say he was just sitting there waiting on me to come and that I didn't deserve it, I can't. I was speeding. I'm sorry - isnt' that enough officer? It wasn't. I was on my way home, just ready to get there sooner than later. So who's up for spending time with me in front of the computer for 6 hours???

Well, this is #2 for me. My first one was 5 years ago when I was living in Nacogdoches and I was driving my friend's (Brooke's) car. There were lots of tears shed that day but it is true that you can say some day you will look back and laugh at situations b/c I do when I think about it. Quick synopsis: Brooke had to drive to Louisiana to take some paperwork to an Army Base for her husband. She didn't want to go alone so I offered to tag along. We get to the town where the base is and Brooke realizes we have driven for 2 hours and she forgot all the paperwork at home. So we head back a little defeated but ok so I offer to drive her car for her b/c she was upset. My good deed resulted in my first ticket. I didn't know I was in a school zone in Jacksonville - I didn't see any sign!!! Good times

Happy Driving :-)

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