Friday, June 6, 2008

Are We There Yet? here is what happened. As mentioned in the blog below, I was scheduled to fly from DFW to Chicago, Chicago to Rochester. Sounds easy enough right? I thought so. I was scheduled to leave DFW at 12:25 pm and land at Chicago at 2:45 pm, leave Chicago at 4:10 pm and land in Rochester at 6:50 pm. It started off, they delayed my flight from DFW by 30 minutes. Ok, that's not too bad. 30 minutes turned into an hour and we left at 1:30 pm. We landed in Chicago at 3:30 pm and my flight to Rochester was supposed to board at 3:40 pm so like the McAllister family in Home Alone I ran across O'Hare airport to catch my flight only to learn it had been delayed 45 minutes. I was ok with that b/c that meant I wasn't going to miss my flight to Rochester. If only that were the end...

I called Brian to tell him I had made it to Chicago and he looked up my flight to Rochester and told me that my flight had been cancelled but nobody at my gate told me anything! So come to find out it has been cancelled due to mechanical problems and our next choice was a 7:40 pm United flight to Rochester. Ok, not the best but at least we will get there that night. You see, I have a 6:30 am shuttle I have to take the arena Friday morning and a 7:30 am meeting so it's important I get there Thurs night. I go to look and see what gate we will be at for our United flight and see that it is delayed until 10:15 pm!!!!!!!!! I would love to say I was calm and cool but I wasn't. I was dreading spending 6 more hours Chicago O'Hare Airport and not to mention, I had no idea where my luggage was.

Thankfully I was not alone. I was with Lana Bateman, WoF Prayer Intercessor, Marilyn Meberg, one our WoF speakers, and Pat Wenger, Marilyn's friend. We ate pizza, hung out in the Admirals Club, and then went to our gate to wait to leave. They got our hopes up and moved our flight time to 9:05 pm, then back to 9:35 pm, then back to the original 10:15 pm time. Well we did leave at 10:30 pm and landed at 1:00 am. I got to my hotel at 1:45 am and got to bed at 2:00 am. 4 hours later and I was up to get ready to catch the shuttle at 6:30 am. Praise the Lord my luggage was there too! So I made it! Worked all day today and I am tired! It is still off to Canada tomorrow after the conference ends so I'm really looking forward to that! Yea! Hopefully, the flight home will be much less eventful! Happy Traveling :-)

Lana, Pat & Marilyn eating their pizza

The Chicago Skyline in the background

still waiting...

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Allie said...

Uuuugggghhh! I flew this weekend too, and thought it was pain until I read this....but my experience was a breeze compared to yours! Happy Confrence.