Monday, May 26, 2008

Happy Birthday Kayden - Memorial Day Weekend Part 2

Today my youngest niece Kayden is 1! She is growing so fast and is so beautiful! Kayden was dedicated at church yesterday morning and then we partied for her birthday! We celebrated her birthday at Melody's cafe - Simply You Cafe in Colleyville. Brian and I loaded up our stuff and left Holly Lake and headed to the party. Melody made us a great lunch and then it was time for presents and cake. Kiersi decided she needed to help Kayden open presents so she did. Kayden wasn't too excited about sitting down and opening presents b/c she wanted to get up and walk around but she did like her toys. What she really liked was her cake! Melody made Kayden her own cake and she enjoyed every minute of it. Happy 1st Birthday Kayden!!!

At Kayden's Dedication

The Bradley Family

Kayden's Birthday Cakes

It started out like this...

and ended like this :-)

Kiersi & Kayden both going through presents

Ryan, My Grandmother, Me & Greg

On Memorial Day, I slept in and then I went to hit at the softball field. I really enjoyed hitting and playing again. We are getting ready for our co-ed softball season that starts a week from today! I also realized how completely out of shape I am so that will change! After we went to the fields, Brian and I went to his aunt and uncle's for a Memorial Day BBQ. Brian's cousin Jeff is overseas serving our country so we prayed for him and all the service men and women. It was a great time hanging out with his family and good food. After that, I came home, walked a couple of miles and am going to bed after a wonderful weekend! I am so thankful for every person who has fought for our freedom - do not forget to thank God for them today and for the freedom we have in Christ!

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