Thursday, April 24, 2008

Omaha, NE

I'm going to start off by going back to my first trip of the season - Omaha, NE - March 27 - March 30. Our WoF offseason is December to February so by March, we are all ready to hit the road again. When I got to DFW Airport, it was like home away from home. Our first 2008 Infinite Grace conference was in Omaha and there were about 9,000 women in attendance. I flew out Thursday morning - it was 70 degrees in Texas and I landed in Omaha and it was 40 degrees - It was cold! Thankfully, I wasn't outside that much b/c our hotel had a skywalk that connected to the Qwest Center so I didn't even have to go outside to go to work in the morning! All my volunteers showed up and it was a great city to start the year off in! I went in and watched a little of the conference and everytime I am reminded why I love my job so much. All 9,000 women in one arena worshipping our Lord - it's incredible.

I flew back early Sunday morning just in time to make it to celebrate Brian's birthday with his family. And my parent's came by too! It was nice to be back in Texas and the warmer weather. I didn't venture out to see downtown Omaha or where the College World Series is held b/c it was very cold and I was very tired. I took a few pics of the Arena and downtown Omaha at night (from my hotel room) but I will try to do better at picture taking next time. One conference down, many more to go!

Where you will find me at the conference: Volunteer Check-In

Outside of the Qwest Center in Omaha. All the ladies are coming to pick up their box lunches!

Downtown Omaha from my Hotel Room

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