Sunday, April 27, 2008

Enjoy the Ride

So as Bro. Steve said this morning in his sermon - we should all Enjoy the Ride God has given us and I definitely did that this weekend! Saturday, I did not have much planned and was able to sleep late and relax and enjoy the day. It was fabulous! Later in the afternoon I headed over to Jim and Laurie's to celebrate Laurie's 40th Birthday. Most of Brian's family was there and some of Laurie's was there also. The big hit was the pinata that Pam bought for the party. All the kids got a chance to break the pinata open - even Brian tried, but it would not bust. It was a good effort by all :-)

Jim, Kennedy, Laurie & Jensen

Pinata Timeline:

pic 1: Laurie trying to bust the pinata

pic 2: Brian trying to bust the pinata

pic 3: The kids picking up all the candy after the pinata finally busted open

Sunday - time for church! I love going to church! As I mentioned earlier, the sermon was How to Enjoy Life - Ecclesiastes 11:1 - 12:13. We can't wait on things to happen for us to enjoy life, we need to enjoy it now! So enjoy the day I did - me, Brian, Rob, Stephanie, Caleb and Cade went to the Texas Rangers game. It was a little chilly and windy but I had a great time and the Rangers beat the Minnesota Twins 10 - 0.

Brian and I

The Rangers Game

The Estes Fam

The Future Cowboys Stadium

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