Monday, January 30, 2017

Boosterthon Fun Run

Mallory's school had their biggest fundraiser this past week. They were raising money to put covers over two of their playgrounds. They used the Boosterhon Fun Run as their fundraiser and Mallory had a fun time all week getting to do fun things as they raised money. You pledged a certain amount per lap that the student would run on Friday of the Fun Run.

One day, their class raised a certain percentage, so they got to have Crazy Hair Day. I tried to do something fun with her hair sticking up but all she told me all she wanted was three pigtails so I obliged. I told her she just looked so cute with the two pigtails and then she just had the third one in the middle for fun.

Friday morning was the Fun Run and although it was a sunny day, it was coooooold. But the run went on so I got there early so I could cheer her on.

Her class lined up and got the instructions before it was time to run.

Once they said Go - Mallory and her friends were off!

Most of the time she was holding a friend's hand and running

One of the laps, they told the kids to stop with the parents and take a selfie so we did what we were told!  

My friend Joy and I cheered our girls on as they ran and I really loved getting to hang out with sweet Lydia too - even though I'm not sure she felt the same about hanging with me per the picture below :)

I really enjoyed getting to cheer Mallory on and she ran 28 laps! They all raised a lot of money for the school and for their covers! 

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