Friday, January 13, 2017

Snow in Texas!

Remember when the snowstorm came last week? :) Hey, when it snows in Texas, I do turn into a kid again and get very excited! So, when it started to snow last Friday, all I wanted to do was to get outside and play. This is a shot of the snow falling outside my office.

I went and got Brian (who works in the other office) and told him to come take a snow selfie with me 

Mallory was staying at Grammy's (Brian Aunt Pam's) house and she and Emmaline got to play in the snow! We had watched so many Hallmark movies that showed snow at Christmas and Mallory said she wished it would snow at Christmas. I had to tell her that we don't always get that because we live in Texas so I know she was so happy to see the snow!

We left work early since the roads were a little slick to get Mallory. We picked her up I told her I loved her outfit and had to take a pic! 

It wasn't much snow at all and yes, all of Texas shut down because of it but we enjoyed the little bit we got! 

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