Friday, June 10, 2016

Life Lately

Here's a snapshot of what The Estes Family has been up to lately:

A couple of weeks ago, my name finally came up on the Culver's sign for Free Custard! Of course, I made Brian stop by so I could get a picture by the sign! He jumped out real quick because he didn't want anybody to see him - ha!

We had a family get together because my cousin Sara Beth and her husband, Robert (who serves in the Navy), were in town before they move to Italy where they will be stationed. We played with Jensen and started getting him ready for some Friday Night Football!

All the family was there so you know that calls for a Family Picture! Love all these people so much and I'm so glad we have this photo!

We were all excited for the Rockwall Spring Football Game! Caleb played well and it got us even more excited for the Fall football season! Auntie and Mallory ready to cheer them on!

Perhaps the biggest surprise of the night was Mallory voluntarily walking up to give the Yellowjacket a hug! She has always been afraid of them and never wants them to come near us when we are at the games but when I asked her why she wanted to see it this year, she said "Mom, I've Five Now!" Alright then!

Zoey, Brynn and Mallory with the Yellowjackets

Mallory always loves to see cousin Caleb after the game! Go #11!

 We played in the sprinklers for fun!

Mallory and I baked a cake for Brian and this is probably one of my favorite pictures of us!

We celebrated Kinsley turning 4! She had tea party for her birthday party and all the girls could get hats, feather boa's, gloves and fans to put on for the party. Mallory LOVED all of the dress-up items!

Enjoying the tea party

Jill gave each person a tea cup to color and take home with them.

We had a fun time and Jill did an awesome job planning the party! Everyone loved it!

Most evenings, you can find Mallory laying on our bed coloring or drawing. My little artist!

She was so proud to win "The Artistic Award" at school. She couldn't wait to show me her certificate. We were so happy for our sweet girl!

Last weekend, I crashed Brian and Mallory's weekly daddy/daughter breakfast and I'm so glad they let me come. Chiloso breakfast tacos are always a good treat!

Saturday afternoon, Melody, Joy and I went to Lyndsey's house to surprise her! Lyndsey turns 30 in August but we knew she may not be up to celebrating too much since she would be due with Lofland baby #3 (and Joy is due with baby girl #4) not too much later after her actual birthday so we planned a girl's night in June so she would be completely surprised! We showed up at her house at noon and told her we would be back at 2pm so she needed to pack so we could go to Dallas to celebrate her!

Our first stop: The Drybar at Northpark. They gave us a private room so we could all be together and we had the best time!. We picked out the hairstyle we wanted and the stylists went to work. Here we are in our "after" pic.

We went back to the hotel and got dressed up for a nice dinner at Nick and Sams. 

I had never been to Nick and Sams before and it was all sooooo very good - the food and just being with my great friends! Love them!

We stayed at the hotel Saturday night and enjoyed Breadwinners for Brunch Sunday morning. We missed Joy but it was a great way to close out the fun Girl's time together! Happy Early 30th Birthday Lyndsey! Enjoy your Birthday Summer!

And we wrap it up with with my girl at her Five Year Well Check! She's in the 50th percentile of both height and weight and aced her hearing check! She answered all of the doctor's questions she was asked and it was nice not being the one to have to answer them all! My how things change as they get older! So thankful for a healthy girl and a good check-up!

And now Summer is upon us and we are ready to enjoy it!

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