Monday, June 20, 2016

2016 Father's Day

We had a great day yesterday celebrating the favorite Dads in our lives! I did an interview with Mallory on Saturday for a present for Brian and Papa. Mallory loved that she could draw a picture of her and Brian and one of her and Papa. Here she is with Brian's present. She was so happy to give it to him on Sunday. Sorry she said you are 50 Years Old Brian :)

Sunday morning, we went to our church and then Mallory and I surprised Papa at his and Nana's church because we wanted to hear him speak. My dad just came back from a Mission Trip in Haiti with some other people from their church and they were all speaking about their experience there. It was so great to hear my Dad speak and hear how God is using him. He is such a great Christian example for his kids and grandkids. We love him!

After church, Papa and Nana came over to our house for lunch. 

I cooked roast for lunch and Mallory gave Papa his present. As you can tell in her drawings, her people have not bodies - just arms and legs :) 

Mallory enjoyed giving Brian his Father's Day presents and after lunch, we just all rested for the day because we were tired - but not without getting a couple of pictures of my two favorite people.

And how they really wanted to take pictures

Sweet hugs

I said this on my posts on Social Media and it's true. Mallory is one blessed girl because she gets to have Brian as her Father. I love being by his side and he always takes care of Mallory and I. We love him so much and were so happy to celebrate him on this special day!