Monday, January 25, 2016

Life Lately

I like the title "Life Lately" from Shay's blog so I thought I would borrow it. Other than Venture weekend, January has been pretty low-key, which has been really nice! The weekend before Venture weekend, Mallory and I stayed most of the day in our PJs and it was wonderful!  It's been chilly most weekends so Brian has had a fire going for us. Love Mallory's hair in this pic.

We really need either a big chair or recliner by the fireplace but until then, Mallory and I just relax by the fire while watching our shows on Netflix

We've been cheering Cade on at his basketball games. 

Cade with one of his biggest fans! She doesn't have as much room to move around like at the football stadiums but we make it work!

One morning this month, I was getting Mallory ready for school and this is the expression I got. She was not happy I woke her up and I had to capture this moment so I can show her when she's older.

We were off work for MLK Jr Day so we went with Mom and Dad to help them get new phones! They have been wanting them for a while and finally got them just in time for Disney World! Mallory took this photo of them and we are all excited that we can FaceTime with them again.

We are back into our regular schedule which means choir and Mission Friends on Wednesday nights. Shannon sent me this picture of Mallory with her serious face while working on her picture. Mallory loves Mr. Joe in choir and Mrs. Shannon in Mission Friends and is happy to be back!

On Friday, Mallory got to go to Katie's Mad Scientist 5th Birthday Party! They all had cute lab coats and got to make slime!

It was so much fun and we are so glad we got to celebrate Katie!

We watched Figure Skating Saturday night. I texted my friends to tell them that it was just like how I skated in Central Park - or not! :) I wish!

Mallory and I pretended skating together and then we took turns on our own. I love much she was into it! We gave each other scores too. I remember growing up and skating along with them on TV so it was fun to do it again!

Me and my sweet girl before church.  

That's life lately for The Estes Family!


The Killough's said...

I love the face before school!!! She good at the pouty expression!!

Kati said...

I love her face! Great pic. Senior slide show material...