Wednesday, December 16, 2015

NYC Day 3!

Day 3 of our trip and we all decided to enjoy sleep instead of getting up really early to go to the beginning of the Today Show.  We got all of our stuff ready so we could check out of the hotel before we left and then headed out for our last day. As we were walking to the Today Show, there was a choir in front of the Rockefeller Christmas Tree singing Christmas Carols. It was a lot less packed than when we were there on Saturday.

We got there during the 9am hour of the Today Show and only could see Dylan Dreyer doing the weather.

I was able to see Shaquille O'Neal as well. 

We left the Today Show to head to our tour. Here is a view of Times Square as we were walking there.

We did a TV and Movie tour and they would show us a clip from the TV or Movie scene that happened in NYC and then we would drive by it. We were able to get out at some places for photos

I had a picture of The Plaza Hotel yesterday but we went by it again because it's been in many movies

Trump building in the area where the movie When in Rome had some scenes

We then went to the Washington Square Park arch. There was definitely an interesting NY sighting while we were there that we won't forget. The arch is on the NYU campus and there was some college student altercation that we won't forget. 

Once we got over that, it was time to take a picture

One of my favorites of us in NYC

Freedom tower from the park

Empire State Building from the park

This fire station was on Ghostbusters and where Will Smith is at the beginning of Hitch

And we then made it to the Friends apartment building

This pub is the inspiration for the pub in How I Met Your Mother

We finished the tour there. We saw many other places but these are the only ones I took pictures of. The tour was a couple of hours and was a lot of fun! I'm so glad we did it!

I took a picture of the St Regis as we passed by because it looked really pretty with the decorations

And then, it was time to bid NYC farewell and head home.

My first time to NYC was so amazing and visiting at Christmastime made it that much more magical! I'm so grateful I got to experience it all with my wonderful friends! I'm so thankful to do life with them and their families and to share these once in a lifetime moments with them! 

Alright friends, where are we going next? :)

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Brettni @ Bringing Up Brumfields said...

Do you know that I didn't even see the painting on the sidewalk at Hook and Ladder when we were there. It wasn't until I got back home that I saw in the picture!

I'm very aware of my surroundings...