Monday, September 21, 2015

RC Homecoming Parade

Friday afternoon, Mallory got to ride in Royse City's Homecoming Parade. A couple of weeks ago, her preschool had said they would have a float in the parade and Mallory has been looking forward to it ever since then! On Friday, she woke up and the first thing she said was "It's Parade Day!"

I asked for a picture before we left and got this:

and then this:

Love my crazy girl! 

My dad rode with us and the car line to get Mallory to where she needed to be was pretty long so he and Mallory got out and he took her to where she needed to be. I finally made it and got to see her before the parade started. They sprayed gold glitter in hair and she loved it!

After I made sure she was good to go, we headed to get our spot to watch the parade.

We found our spot and the parade started. Mallory's daycare owner is also the mayor so she was at the beginning of the parade.

The parade started at 3pm and it was so very HOT! I felt so bad for the band because they had their full uniforms on but they marched and played loud and proud.

Finally, I spotted Mallory's float and made sure she heard me holler her name so she could see me, Nana and Papa.

Here parade debut:

We didn't stay for much of the rest of parade so I could go get Mallory and because we were all melting in the heat. Here is Mallory with all of her friends on their float.

It was such a fun time and Mallory kept telling everyone how she waved in the parade. Saturday morning, she woke up and told me she missed being the parade - ha! I'm so glad she got to enjoy this fun experience!

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