Monday, March 2, 2015

Snow Fun!

Friday, we got more snow and this time I was determined to get some play time in: for both me and Mallory, of course! Our office closed early so Brian followed me home from work and then I jumped in his truck and we headed to get Mallory. I had to get the obligatory picture of our house and yard covered in snow.

After we picked up Mallory from school, we decided to stop by my parent's house. I love living so close to them, especially for these impromptu, fun moments. We decided that if we were going to play in the snow, we could just play at Nana and Papa's house and enjoy it with them! We got there and told Nana and Papa to come play with us. As soon a Papa came back out, Mallory was ready with a snow ball!

Mallory loved every minute of playing in the snow!

Loving the snow as the beautiful backdrop

Family photo in the snow. My coat is covered in snow thanks to Brian throwing snow ball after snow ball at me

Snow selfie

Mallory really wanted to build a snowman like Olaf but the snow wouldn't pack well for us but she and Nana tried hard and had fun trying to make one!

We all had fun playing in the snow and then loved warming back up by the fire at my parent's house. I'm so glad we decided to stop by and create this special memory.

We are now in March and there is still some remnant of snow - I think we are all now ready for Spring!


Brettni @ Bringing Up Brumfields said...

Fun!!! And yes, the snow made a perfect backdrop for those adorable pictures!!!

Rondra said...

I really wish we had some snow this year in Georgia. That looks like so much fun! Mallory looks like she had a blast.