Friday, March 13, 2015

Oh Hey, Friday!

Happy Friday friends! It's Friday so here's my random blog of what we've been up to!


Brian's been traveling a lot more for work. We miss him so much while he's gone but are always so thankful for Face Time! Mallory and I decided to make a cake for Brian while he was gone. Here is my little hood rat licking the beaters. I had to catch her before she went to dip the beater back in the batter for more!


Saturday, we got to go cheer our nephew Cade on at his basketball games. His team won both games and Cade got a trophy! 


Our good friends, The Brumfields, visited from Mississippi and we had the best time with all of our friends Tuesday night. Will and Lyndsey hosted us in their new home and it is so nice! I'm so happy for The Loflands and am so happy they are now able to enjoy their new home!  

We had a great mexican buffet dinner and then had the best time playing a game and chatting. This picture of Will and Lyndsey sums it up best. We all laughed so hard. So fun!

Blessed to have these friends in my life. I love them dearly and am so grateful for their friendship.

Love seeing all of our kids together and having so much fun!

It was a wonderful evening! 


This girl makes me smile. Love her expressions after her bath on Wednesday


Yesterday, Mallory and I got to meet Elleigh Killough! I was planning on bringing Samantha her baby shower present (since I wasn't able to go due to being sick :/) the week before she was induced but then Elleigh decided to come sooner so I got to take the present and meet this sweet girl! So happy for our friends, The Killoughs!

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Have a wonderful weekend!

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Brettni @ Bringing Up Brumfields said...

Cheeks were hurting the whole night.

Hood Rat. Pahahahaha!!!!!!