Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Celebrating Brian

Friday night, we celebrated Brian's birthday with our good friends! The last time we really had a party for Brian was when he turned 30 and in between 30 and 35, we had a child and the parties and things all turned to her. So for Brian's 35th birthday, I wanted to do something fun for him so we rented a couple of lanes and went bowling. 

Love his great big smile! The cake was a cookies'n'cream cake from Kroger and it was delicious!

There were not many people in the lounge where we bowled so it was nice to have the place mostly to ourselves to hang out, enjoy the food and bowl

I don't think any of us are ready for the professional bowling league but we had a great time trying to make strikes and some of us did! Justin and I both bowled at the exact same time and both got strikes! It was a great moment however he kept getting strikes the rest of the night and I did not. I love that Lydia got to bowl too :)

Brian decided to bowl on both lanes at once

We took turns holding Lydia while Joy and Trey bowled and as you can see, she was not interested in anybody else holding her 

The funny moment of the night was when Melody went to bowl, the pin cover did not lift up and her ball hit it. The picture is blurry but hilarious because Melody is asking "What happened???" and we were all cracking up. We aren't sure what did happen and why it didn't lift up but whatever did happen caused us not to be able to bowl on that lane anymore. We had to move lanes. We are such troublemakers and can't go anywhere - haha!

Of course, we had to take some group shots before left. I told Brian the light is shining on him since he is the birthday boy.

The boys. Not sure what Justin is doing

The girls

And since we don't have a selfie stick, we used Brian's long arms to see if we could all get in for a selfie. This was a hilarious effort but we all got in! 

We seriously have the best friends and I am so thankful they could all come out to celebrate my favorite guy!  It was a wonderful time!! 


Josh and Shan said...

Love Joy bowling with Lydia in the front pack carrier! Multi tasking at its best! Glad ya'll had fun!

Brettni @ Bringing Up Brumfields said...

Troublemakers!!! Hahaha!

Happy 35th Brian!!!