Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Princess and Papa Ball

Sunday night, Brian and Mallory got all dressed up to head to the Princess and Papa Ball at the Hilton Harbor. I was looking for something for Brian and Mallory to do together and my friend Melody had mentioned that her husband, Justin and daughter Katie were going to this ball and thought Brian and Mallory might want to join. I'm so glad she told us about it. I knew it would be a great thing for Brian and Mallory to do together!

Mallory got all dressed up and I even put some make up on her. She was so excited about that part! 

I got a couple of pictures of them together before they left

Love these two so much!! Once we got the photos, we headed to where the ball was being held

As soon as we walked in, we saw Katie and Mallory ran right up to her. She was so excited that Katie was there too!

Sweet friends!

We got a family photo before heading into the ball

These two ran ahead of us because they couldn't wait!

We got there right at 5pm and there was already a long line at check-in. While we were waiting, they had a princess there - Melody and I guessed Ariel?? Anywho, Mallory was just happy to see a girl in a crown and a pretty dress so she ran up to her

They had a ton of places for pictures for the Daddy's and Daughters

They also had a fun photo booth and Justin and Brian really had fun with it

We then went into the ballroom and Katie and Mallory ran straight the dance floor

At that point, Melody and I left the guys and their girls to have a good time at the ball. As I was leaving, I did get a shot of Brian and Mallory dancing together

Brian sent me this video of her dancing

I told Brian to just take some pictures that he would think I would like to have and then I got this:

I'm sure it was her most favorite part of the night - she finally got to meet Elsa! Brian said she would not leave her side - haha!

She also got to meet Anna. I love how she's sitting in both their laps - I'm sure she just ran right up to them like they were best friends.

They had people there to draw the father/daughter's caricatures. When Brian sent it to me, I just laughed because I thought it looked like him but not so much like Mallory. What do yall think? 

At the end, they all got their pictures back that they had taken before going into the ball. I love this photo so much!! (it's a little blurry since it's a picture of  a picture and I don't know what the red dot is in Mallory's hair :/ )

When they got home, Mallory told me all about it and then went and laid down. Not long after, Brian went to check on her and she was out. She danced the night away!

So glad Brian and Mallory got to enjoy this evening together and will have this memory we will never forget!


Andrea C. said...

That last picture of your sleeping princess is the sweetest ever. What a special night!

Kati said...

This is beyond precious!! What sweet memories for you all to treasure.

The Killough's said...

Those pictures are priceless!! So sweet!!

Brettni @ Bringing Up Brumfields said...

So incredibly awesome! She's is all about that base, Mama! Loved watching her dance!

Daddy - Daughter Dates are the cutest!!

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Josh and Shan said...

I love this so much! How fun!