Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Quick Weekend Trip

This past weekend we headed to East Texas for a quick trip! Our good family friend, Gina, turns 50 today and her family planned a surprise party for her on Saturday night. At first, I didn't know if we would be able to go but everything worked out and Mallory and I got to tag along with my parents for the trip! Thanks Mom and Dad for letting us come along! Brian wasn't able to go but I know he enjoyed the quietness for a night at the house!

We got everything ready Saturday morning to head out but not before Mallory had to look through her candy again and pick some to take on the road. And I made myself a bag to take as well :)

We headed out around lunch and headed East. I always love going back home! Here is my back seat partner

If I take a picture of her, she now has to take a picture of me so here I am riding along

Our first stop was to see Joyce. We didn't get to stay long but it was just great to get to see her and chat for a bit! 

Of course, we had to swing before we left!

After visiting Joyce, we decided to have an early dinner and eat at my favorite place, Catfish Village. Yum Yum.

We headed onto Jefferson, where the surprise birthday party was being held. This was actually Mallory's first time to stay in a hotel. Papa told her that there were two things to do in a hotel room: Jump on the bed and have a pillow fight. Here she is doing the first thing. She loved jumping on the bed

We unloaded our stuff, got dressed and headed to the party. Mallory loves her leopard coat - it's a hand me down from her friend, Karlyn - so here she is posing in it. Love her!

Gina's party was held in an antique car place and as you can see by her face, she was very surprised!

She was so shocked that we were even there so I'm so glad we were able to come!

Gina loves Red Mustangs and her husband Shane actually got her a 1964 Mustang for her 50th birthday! Her cake was so good!

Mallory with the birthday girl!

I was also excited because Gina's BFF - Tracie would be there. Tracie lives in Nacogdoches, where I went to college and we became good friends while I lived there. 

After all the partying was done, we headed back to the hotel where Mallory did the second thing Papa told her to do: Have a pillow fight :)

She loved it! And then it was time for bed.

Well we thought, and then she got her second wind and started dancing on the bed :)

Finally, she went to sleep and we all slept good and enjoyed the extra hour of sleep we got!

Sunday morning, we got up to head home. Our last stop was to see my grandmother and to take her out to lunch. I love these three ladies so much!!

Mallory and I love anytime we get to be with my parents and getting to see friends and family was the best!


The Killough's said...

Looks like a fun hotel stay! Lol!

Brettni @ Bringing Up Brumfields said...

Pillow fight!! And you know I'm still laughing from earlier, right?!

Surprises are fun! What a great time.

Kati said...

So fun! Now I know what to ask for at the big 5-0. :)