Monday, November 10, 2014

Operation Christmas Child

One of the things I look forward to most at the beginning of the holiday season is Operation Christmas Child. I think most everybody has heard of this project by Samaritan's Purse but if you haven't, just click here and read about this exciting operation they put on ever year. I was especially looking forward to it this year because Mallory is at an age where she could help me pick out items to put in the boxes and for us to talk about giving. 

Friday afternoon, I picked Mallory up from school and we headed to the store to get our items for our boxes.  We talked on the way to the store about how we were getting the opportunity to make presents for children for Christmas!  I knew it wasn't going to be something she would completely understand but I want her to know she helped in Giving and how important that is. We picked two girls, ages 5-9, and started filling their boxes!

Mallory was most interested in giving them puzzles and toys so once we got the essentials of toothpaste, toothbrushes, socks, etc...we headed to that section so she could get some toys for them

She picked out a stuffed toy as the final item for their boxes and we loaded up and headed home to put the boxes together.

I let Mallory put them together and she had the biggest smile on her face the whole time

I told her after she had put all the items in the boxes that I wanted her to write (color) a note that we would put in the boxes. She did her coloring and I wrote a note for our recipient to have.

We put the notes in and then closed the boxes up

Once the boxes were ready, I printed off the labels for them. You can now track your box to see what country it goes too! I love that!

Saturday morning, we headed to our church to take our boxes. Last year, we came up with the idea to have an Operation Christmas Child packing party for people to pack their own boxes and to put together boxes from items collected from our Boys & Girl's Mission Organizations at church. This year the party partnered with the Boys Mission Organization's pancake breakfast that raises money for our Mission Offering and it was the perfect pairing!

I also love that families can come together and fill boxes. There was a great turnout!

Once we turned our two boxes in, we got in line and helped back some more. Mallory was happy to put stickers on her box and to go through the line and fill another box up

Mallory had so many sweet friends that were happy to see her!

It was amazing to see all the boxes that had been packed!

In total, there were over 500 boxes collected at our church. I'm so proud of our church family and am so excited each child that will receive a box! I'm so glad that Mallory was able to share in this experience and can't wait for next year when we get to do it again together!

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Brettni @ Bringing Up Brumfields said...

Y'all are making dreams come true! So very sweet!